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Here at Effective Computing, our services range from things as complicated as designing and installing a network that is completely tailored to fit your business, all the way down to things as simple as new computer installations and everything in between.  And, because everything in between is impossible to predict or list, here is an example of our services broken down into easy to understand categories.

Network Optimization

Typically when you contact us you already have a list of things that are not working, or just not right with your network/computers.  We take care of those problems as well as analyzing your entire network to make it perform at its optimum level.  Whether it is the little things, such as ridding your computers of pests/viruses, or larger issues such as moving and recreating your network structure at a new location, we can handle all facets of your network.  Including but not limited to running cable for all of your network drops, hardware issues, and software issues too.


In the unexpected times when problems do occur, our network contract clients can take comfort in the fact that you're tech will respond to you're call that day.  If it's an emergency, we will stop what we are doing and attend to you're problem right then.  If it's not an emergency, we will fix you're problem within 48 hrs.  In either case, our commitment is to get you back up and running as soon as possible.  We can do this because in addition to fast response times, you're tech is already familiar with you're computers.  One of the many benefits of signing a monthly service contract is having one tech assigned to your company.  This allows you're tech to know you're system, so when a problem does arise we can spend time fixing it, not learning how it works.

Software and Hardware Sales

At Effective Computing our business is service, not sales.  As a service to our clients we maintain contacts with various venders to provide the best prices.  We use these contacts as well as our vast experiences to help you get the best hardware and software for you're business at the best prices possible.

Budget Planning

One of the most important issues regarding computers and small businesses is cost certainty.  With this in mind we can help you create a dependable budget that you can use to plan for necessary computer hardware and software upgrades.  With our monthly managed service contract, and our help budgeting for necessary computer costs, you will know in advance what you will need to spend to keep you're computers running at the highest level possible.


Planning to move?  Effective Computing can help you're company move from your existing office to you're new office.  Whether its starting from scratch with all new equipment, or planning to transport all of your existing equipment, we will have you're entire system back up and running when you are.  We can also arrange to run network cable so you're office computer layout can be exactly the way you want it.

Preventative Maintenance

Once we have your network running at its highest level possible, we can concentrate on keeping it that way.  We implement third party products such as anti-virus software, anti-pest software, and firewalls that provide great protection against things that can cause your network to run extremely slow or not at all.  We also perform internal maintenance tasks, such as installing the latest patches and service packs for your software, and scheduling times to physically clean your computers to prevent hardware slow downs and malfunctions.

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